Digital Landscape: The World is Now in Your Pocket. #Marketing #Advertising

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With the rise of digital media, people have been spending more and more time on their mobiles- browsing through their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social feeds, consuming content on the web and messaging apps, primarily Whatsapp & Messenger, as opposed to broadcast TV, radio or newspaper.

Today almost 4 billion people are online and this figure will rise by another 20%, in the next 2 years.

Advertisement and marketing budgets follow the audience and naturally many brands have turned towards digital media.

Staying up to date with latest digital marketing strategies and communication tools has now become crucial to a business for tapping into the right market for reaching their target audience.

The emerging trend of digital invasion will continue with more features and options for sharing media and content with real time interaction with the audience which means that brands will continue to enhance and multiply their digital presence while raising their digital marketing budgets.

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Digital media has brought so many advantages which advertisers cannot even expect from conventional media. However when integrated, traditional and digital marketing work seamlessly together creating a bigger and holistic brand experience for the audience.

Directly engaging audience and connecting with them on digital platforms allow brands to know more about their customers, get direct feedback, inform the audience about their products and services with a call to action, establishing and enhancing a brand persona as well as predicting future consumer trends.

What’s really a game changer is that digital marketing enables better targeting of the audience specific to their tastes and preferences. Depending on the brand’s goals and objectives different campaigns can be strategised to reach different target audiences.

Although traditional marketing is still integral to raising and maintaining brand awareness, it’s still very difficult to calculate and forecast it’s return on investment (ROI).

On the contrary, digital marketing expenditure is directly inter-related to results. For instance: tracking of visitors, cost per clicks/ impressions on brand campaigns, video views, numbers of subscribers gained, numbers of leads gathered so on and so forth.

Not only this, a brand can extract and look into audience’s prototype information and details such as social income group, gender, buying or consumption habits and other demographic statistics for better profiling on their buyer’s persona.

With many digital platforms, new devices have exploded in the last decade and during this span, digital marketing has evolved drastically which will continue to change and shape the way audience consume information.

Brands are still adapting to this ever changing landscape.

Today, smartphones have taken over the use of desktop and personal laptops as the primary digital device for going online which means space for digital media and content is substantially growing too.

As reported by BBC, newspaper circulation around the world has declined as much as 28% with majority of them shifting their publications to digital online editions. This means news and journalism is transitioning to the digital world.

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To put it simply, the world is shifting online and into our pockets.

And what does this mean for brands?

More exposition, more transparency and brand personalisation with greater marketing opportunities.

A great example of brand personalisation is generating content that is based on audience’s interest and preference which can immensely help in creating a long lasting bond between the brand and their consumers.

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Garry Vaynerchuk says “Content is King, but context is God”.

Content in the right context, in the right platform directed to the right audience is the best way to market a brand or product. By giving the audience what they want, they get value out of the content which not only builds up relationship but trust in the brand as well.

Marketing and advertisement used to be about creating myth about the brand and selling it but now it’s more about staying true and authentic, connecting directly to your audience and delivering what you promise.

Hassaan Islam, founder & director of Aperturewood Films, a writer at heart with a die-hard passion for making films that tell genuinely authentic and heartfelt stories. On his free time Hassaan likes contemplating existence to find purpose that is beyond temporal happiness. His major interest lies in the evolving landscape of media and its transcendence into the digital world.

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