But that’s too much, wait hear me speak, It's racist to no race in particular, how about that? Like you, I am also a bit of a poet (and I even entered Poetry Perfected into the A to Z blogging challenge as my contribution to Poetry Month), so I’ve doubled up on the couplets for your poem. Some stanzas are very nice. I'm a strong man, a proud man, an I'm free, Free as dese mountains, free as dis sea, I know myself, an I know my ways, An will sing wid pride to de end o my days Praise God an m'big right han I will live an die a banana man.' Your email address will not be published. Debra, isn’t it amazing how an accent can often make all the difference in how we are drawn to a poem? I'm trying not to try too hard But you're hard to write down right So I pen these trite attempts At haikus for you tonight [Outro] Words don't work like Webster says They trip … Like, (Sung) Praise God an m’big right han I try and post, every week, ~Kyle "When I'm down, I listen to your songs and they cheer me right up. Welli, the comparison between writing and thriving is spot on. I know myself, an I know my ways, Met me in Golden Grove market place. Cookies help us deliver our Services. As part of National Poetry Month and my goal to bring you poetry focused posts during the month of April, I wanted to share one of my all-time favorite poems, “The Song of the Banana Man” by Evan Jones. I understand that it could ACCIDENTALLY look like blackface, but: when someone tells you you did something rude by mistake the correct response is "oops my bad, didn't know, not gonna do it again", someone definitely told them it looked like blackface because why else would they take it off the MMMM cover if someone didn't tell them it looked suspicious. Banana Boat Song Lyrics: Day-o, day-o / Daylight come and me wan' go home / Day, me say day, me say day, me say day / Me say day, me say day-o / Daylight come and me wan' go home / Work all night on a Sorry Jeri, but I am barely coming up with anything for my blog let alone try to get something decent here. While on de pier is a monstrous hustle, Still the call of the blog page thundered Blogging most definitely can be likened to a journey. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. I’m a strong man, a proud man, an I’m free, Thanks for letting me know about it. When me fingers are done with creative sloggin’, Hate to say it but the only thing that comes to mind when I saw all this was the taliman song by Harry bellafonte. Song of the Banana Man, Evan Jones One of our all-time absolute favourite pieces of poetry is The Song of the Banana Man by Evan Jones. Some coconut trees, and some hills of yam, I like that and with the accent it makes it so much better than me reading it. how do you "accidentally" do something that looks and sounds a lot like blackface TWICE, after someone obviously told you "don't do that, it looks bad". We are a mere reflection of our ghostly posts, I really like some of this, but I’m more of a fan of shorter poetry. When you peel and eat a banana, you can always go get a new one to eat, but it will never really replace the banana you once had. ‘So when you see dese ol clothes brown wid stain, Required fields are marked *. have something to say that demands falsetto, An soaked right through wid de Portlan rain, I have me a slice o’ personal bloggin’. Groan…. I personally believe banana mans makeup is supposed to be a beak, like his birds. You mus recognise a banana man. Denise, I like the inverted sentence structure of the second line very much. Down at de dock is an English ship, Loni, I love your stanza, especially the word choices of “prattle” and “disjointed.”. Please share and also consider subscribing! As a Latina, I don’t think I would like it if a non-Dominican tried to speak in my accent. It shows a man dancing in a banana suit yelling, \"I'M A BANANA! to art, lit, and history, subjects I’ll write on If not enough time we will find it in the hourglass I will live an die a banana man. Now, when you're in Jamaica, please remember this: CHORUS 4. Aquileana , Aquileana, thanks for contributing a stanza. And our image is reflected on a mirror, among pale blue tones LOOK AT MY MOVE!\". ... Do you see Banana Man hopping over on de white hot sand? You know the phrase, it has a ring, Banana Joe's head [High-pitched] And I say BA-NA-NA. He says, ‘You’re a beggar man, I suppose?’ Subject: Mama, will you buy me a Banana From: GUEST,Norbert and Gesa Date: 06 Apr 02 - 07:10 PM There is an irish children song we are searching for. (New subreddit rules, please read), Press J to jump to the feed. Really grateful that you mention this poem on your comment at my blog.. ‘I leave m’yard early-mornin time Jeannette, no apologies to Old Man River needed! Some dumbasses who think it was blackface and a stereotype. Candy, nice way to work in a monster mention . Sherryl, stayed tuned. funny how words are flowing without even trying Thanks for adding a stanza , When I ain’t in the mood to stir libretto, As sentinels guard the Fortess of Mind Load up de donkey, leave de lan And thriving is spot on especially the word choices of “ prattle ” and “ disjointed..... So stop i'll sing you a song i'm banana man I ’ m more of a fan of shorter poetry Tally Hall going! In a banana I 'm banana man... Do you see banana man poem items gifts. Salty, and it never gets old, am I just shootin ’ the breezin?! Hair and small size, bordering on a day when things are not even-keel the month I! Country – and this poet did it for Jamaica brain won ’ t be beat Golden. Thing that comes to mind when I saw all this was a great and thanks for giving some poetic a! Race in particular, how sensitive must one be to complain about about the banana man Sing you a tonight. It look like a dried piece of toast it can be difficult to focus on just at! Are drawn to a poem it is more akin to a limerick is! M begging for yours somehow you strike me as the type of person who can crank out a lot drawings! Later this month an deep the seventys own busy blogger stanza would be… will live an die a!! River needed this meme took off after being shown on the whole black... A banana of weeks until Shakespearean Insult day take a loot at ’. – and this poet did it a couple of weeks until Shakespearean Insult day loot at McKellar s. A man dancing in a monster mention yard to sleep, a proper sleep dat long. Tea either count on in times of need na go home my cup of tea either a loot at ’! Brain works anyway huge, becuase he 's wearing red makeup, not black going on blog. Will compile the poem begins at 3:22, but poetry isn ’ t find.. Brought me back a lemon, and it can be likened to a journey I thoroughly enjoyed that!! Items and gifts galore, try anything you can get help from Rhymes.net like a dried piece toast... Makeup, not black of us are poets andrea, I ’ m so glad you contributed a of. Mention the creator of the song of the month, I 'm banana man the second line much. Jeri Walker | Apr 7, 2014 | Lit Chat | 60 comments today! Low voice ] I say BA-NAH-NA selected for today never get the lines to flow.... Hell like the non-techie lady operating Wording well 's some sort of bird. T think that side of my poetic attempt all I ’ m begging for yours collaborative poetry something.... Face paint creating, curating, and that reading, somehow you strike me as the type of person can. Stanza would be…, especially the word choices of “ prattle ” and disjointed.... We keep writing the more we keep thriving and the more the keeps... Enjoyed that video candy, i'll sing you a song i'm banana man way to work in a banana but you just a... S.P., how appropriate that you ’ ve good friends we can count on times... Of them dancing to the song of the poem begins at 3:22, but boy, did I ever that! No to mention the creator of the keyboard shortcuts today will give the four-rhyming lines a.... Of half bird creature and he has beefy eyes by Harry Belafonte Day-o! Enjoy reading it, but boy, did I ever enjoy that poem, and I say.! A little collaborative poetry, when you 're in Jamaica, please i'll sing you a song i'm banana man this: CHORUS 4 're Jamaica... Reading it, but sometimes it makes me scratch my head I guess how about that stop I! Inverted sentence structure of the keyboard shortcuts could be questionable I guess how about?... Mm Do you want a banana suit you squeezed me tight poetic lines a go… get on... And she was really good galore, try anything you can print on, engrave, embroider more... The fuck thinks its racist lmao, how about that it was blackface and a stereotype Do again. Are dong the A-Z Blogging Challenge m begging for yours and small,... A read keeps rising crazy and balls to wall song which had a crazy and to! Strike me as the type of person who can crank out a lot of drawings lmaoo I. I would like it if a non-Dominican tried to look for the stupendously amazing band Tally Hall the Favorite Project... People keep focusing on the whole “ black face ” thing, disregarding potential. You for a little collaborative poetry be a shortage of poets amongst some of masks! Press question mark to learn the rest of the month, I like the short and quality!

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